Cats are incredible creatures. As pets, they are the best. They’re the kind of roommates or housemates everyone wishes for, quiet and fiercely independent. Owning a cat has many proven positive effects according to scientific research. They help reduce the risk of heart attacks and aids owners to have better sleep. There are countless more reasons why we should love those furry little felines.

In the United States, there are around 88 million pet cats as compared to 72 million pet dogs. That’s quite a large number of cat-loving folks. Cats may seem hostile, aloof and downright evil at times (thanks to all those cat internet memes) but in truth, they are nothing like that. Cats are one of the most docile, friendly, playful, sweetest (need I go more) creatures on this planet? Truth in facts is despite their different personalities, cats are one of the best kinds of pets to own.

The internet has tons of cat videos uploaded that is available for anyone who wants their day uplifted and their energy boosted. What would the world be without them?

Are you one of the lucky ones who has found their feline soulmates? Do you know a lot about cats? Then try this quiz and see if you are purrrfect cat lovers.

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