We’ve seen them on numerous films. Those big and menacing predators make audiences scream in fright as they gave chase to the movie’s protagonists. Anyone with a working brain cell knows these prehistoric dinosaurs by sight but do we know anything more aside from that they have a taste for humans? Thank you Jurassic World for the nightmares.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex or T-Rex’s name means “King of the tyrant lizard”. Quite a fitting name given its temper and hunger for prey. This large, carnivorous predator lived approximately 70 to 65 million years ago. During the existence of the dinosaurs, the T-Rex was at the top of the food chain. Despite it having short arms and two-fingered hands, the T-Rex is still a very good hunter. What it lacks in arm reach, it makes up for its powerful bite.

Recent studies indicate that the old assumption that bigger predators such as the T-Rex could cover distance faster was proven inaccurate. The fastest they could go is no more than 12mph or else their legs would buckle due to their weight. So that’s good news if you plan to outrun a T-Rex wearing high heels. Not that we recommend doing that, just to be clear.

Humans and dinosaurs did not live in the same era but what if by some fluke of nature we once more find ourselves in the presence of these magnificent, albeit scary, creatures? What would happen if you became a tasty T-Rex snack? This playful quiz will provide insight into how long it would take for you to make your way through its digestive system.

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